Interviewing at PayRex

Interviewing at PayRex

When you interview at PayRex, we want to see you at your best. Learn about our company, hiring processes as part of your preparation. You'll be able to present your skills more effectively and gain a competitive edge during your interview.

Job Application

You must complete a detailed employment application even if you provide a resume and reference information. An application may be sent to you for completion prior to your interview, or you may be asked to complete one on site.

Multiple Interviews

Interviewing at PayRex is a thorough process. It is common for our candidates to have multiple interviews with one or more people. Depending on the department, interviews can be conducted in groups or one-on-one.

Behavioral-Based Questions

In addition to asking questions about your work experience and skills listed on your resume, you'll be asked behavioral-based questions. Examples include:

  • Describe a situation when you saw room for improvement in a task you were required to complete. What did you do? Did you present your idea?
  • In your most recent position, give an example of the steps you took to respond to a specific customer complaint. How did the customer react? Was the customer satisfied?
Pre-Employment Tests

Depending on the position you are applying for, PayRex may administer additional testing to evaluate your job skills.

Background Checks, Drug Testing, and Reference Checks

PayRex maintains a safe working environment for all of our employees, and hires people who support this effort. All candidates who are offered a position with PayRex are subject to pre-employment reference checks, drug testing, and background checks.